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CH-54 Tarhe Wooden Model

CH-54 Tarhe Wooden Model

OUT OF STOCK...Special Order Only, email us for ordering details.


Military Mahogany is proud to announce the release of the new CH-54 Tarhe / S-64 Skycrane helicopter. Model is loaded with detail from front to back including removable cargo pod, detailed exterior drive shaft. Cargo pod is removable so this model can be displayed on stand with or without pod and model can stand alone without stand if you prefer. This model is exclusive to us...look all you want you will not find it anywhere but here.

The Sikorsky CH-54 Skycrane is a twin-engine heavy-lift helicopter designed by Sikorsky Aircraft for the United States Army. The civil version is the Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane. The Army purchased 105 CH-54s before its discontinuation. The S-64 Aircrane is still in production. There are currently numerous complete and partial airframes in existence for this aircraft. Some CH-54's and some S-64's (both E and F models) are owned and remanufactured by Erikson Air Crane Inc.

14.5" Rotor
16" Length
6" Width
8" Height

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    $159.95Sale Price
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