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M88A1-A2 Recovery Vehicle Wooden Model

M88A1-A2 Recovery Vehicle Wooden Model

This handcrafted mahogany wood tank model is an extremely beautiful replica of the M88 Hercules Recovery Vehicle.  Frame for cable system moves forward to simulate operating mode and deploys down for storage. This 88 is bristling with detail from top to bottom. Includes detailed 50cal machine gun.


The M88A1 Medium Recovery Vehicle (MRV) is a full tracked armored vehicle used to perform battlefield rescue and recovery missions. The M88A1 MRV performs hoisting, winching, and towing operations supporting recovery operations and evacuation of heavy tanks and other tracked combat vehicles. It has a fuel/defuel capability and is fully equipped to provide maintenance and recovery support for the main battle tank family and similar vehicles. These functions can be performed in all types of terrain during all weather conditions. The existing M88A1 does not provide safe operation, braking, steering control or adequate power for recovery of the main battle tank. The M88A1, built for the preceding generation of M60 series tanks, are significantly outweighed by the 70-ton M1 tanks, a factor which severely limits the capabilities of the M88A1 in many types of terrain and situations. Due to weight differentials, two M88A1s are required to safely tow an Abrams series tank. The development of a new recovery vehicle began in August 1982 with the Ordnance Center and School (OC&S) identifying the need to develop an alternative which could support the Abrams fleet in terms of the mission requirements of recovery, towing and winching. A decision to build a new versus an improved vehicle was reversed several times, affordability being the constant issue. In August 1986, HQDA approved the strategy to develop a program around a product improvement to the M88A1.

11" Length
5" Wide
5" Height

    $219.95 Regular Price
    $159.95Sale Price
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