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Kenworth Semi with Box Trailer  Wood Model

Kenworth Semi with Box Trailer Wood Model

Military Mahogany presents an extremely beautiful handcrafted replica of a Kenworth Semi Truck with box trailer. This model is loaded with detail all the way from the front grill to the rear mud flaps. Check out the detailed wiper blades and stacks. Trailer features legs to support trailer while unhooked and stow when in travel model. Rear doors open leaving you with a full bay to store anything you might want. Dimensions posted below.

Many folks have inquired about the possibility of using this model as a final resting place for their loved one that spent so many years driving trucks. While we do not personally make these models ourselves we do know that many customers have been able to successfully use this model as an urn. The main cab is hollow and most drill a hole from the bottom, insert the ashes and then plug the hole. Now with the addition of the trailer no drilling would be necessary as there is a trailer bed with open storage space. Several have left reviews indicating this with this model as well as the Peterbilt truck. If you scroll thru the reviews under each truck you will eventually find them.

Each model takes an average of 18 hrs to complete and is coated with 3 coats of polyurethane for a super high gloss finish. You will not find a better, more detailed model than this. Don't see what your looking for, feel free to email as I have over 200 different models in stock and please be sure to take a look at the other mahogany models listed. All models are inspected for any possible damage prior to shipping.

Semi with Trailer:

24.5" Length

3.5" Width

6.5" Height

Semi Alone:

12" Length

4" Width

5.5" Height

Trailer Alone:

16" Length

3.5" Width

6" Height

Trailer Box Bay Area:

16" Length

3" Width

3.25" Height

    $299.95 Regular Price
    $239.95Sale Price
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