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SSN-688i LA Improved Class

SSN-688i LA Improved Class

Military Mahogany is proud to offer this Los Angeles Improved-Class wooden model submarine to our series of beautiful hand crafted models. There are currently just over 20 Improved Class submarines in service with the US Navy and this model can serve for any of the following since there are no distinctive hull numbers or markings on the model.

USS San Juan SSN-751 1988– Active
USS Pasadena SSN-752 1989–Active
USS Albany SSN-753 1990–Active
USS Topeka SSN-754 1989–Active
USS Miami SSN-755 1990–2014 Stricken
USS Scranton SSN-756 1991–Active
USS Alexandria SSN-757 1991–Active
USS Asheville SSN-758 1991–Active
USS Jefferson City SSN-759 1992–Active
USS Annapolis SSN-760 1992–Active
USS Springfield SSN-761 1993–Active
USS Columbus SSN-762 1993–Active
USS Santa Fe SSN-763 1994–Active
USS Boise SSN-764 SSN-1992– Active
USS Montpelier SSN-765 1993–Active
USS Charlotte SSN-766 1994–Active
USS Hampton SSN-7671993–Active
USS Hartford SSN-768 1994–Active
USS Toledo SSN-769 1995– Active
USS Tucson SSN-770 1995–Active
USS Columbia SSN-771 1995– Active
USS Greeneville SSN-772 1996– Active
USS Cheyenne SSN-773 1996–Active

19" Length
4" Width
5.5" Height 

    $199.95 Regular Price
    $149.95Sale Price
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