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M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer

M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer

Military Mahogany is proud to present this beautiful handcrafted mahogany replica of the M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer used by Allied forces in WWII. This extremely detailed model comes complete with open main turret, and a 50 Cal Machine gun that rotates. You will not find a more accurately detailed model of the Jackson out there.


With the rise of heavy German tanks (such as the Panther and the Tiger ), the standard American tank destroyer, the M10 Wolverine , no longer sufficed, mainly due to the guns being too light. Therefore, in September 1942, work began on designing a better successor. The new tank destroyer would have a heavier 90 millimeter anti-tank gun , which meant that a counterweight had to be installed in the rear of the turret. The turret was open at the top, which gave the crew a better overview and also saved weight. On the other hand, the crew was vulnerable to mortar and gun fire. As a defense against infantry the M36 had a 12.7mm machine gun. The M36 had a crew of 5, the commander, loader and gunner in the turret, and the driver and radio operator in the hull.A total of 1298 of the M36 Jackson were built. The first guns of the M36 Jackson were delivered without a muzzle brake , later post-war models, such as the M26 Pershing, received a muzzle brake. Later the open turret was closed with two armor plates to better protect the crew.


Operational History:

The M36 Jackson first saw action in Europe in mid-1944. The M36 Jackson's 90mm gun outperformed that of the M10 Wolverine, but crew casualties were high due to the open turret. The M36 was one of the few Allied vehicles that could take out German tanks from a distance.


14" Length


5" Width


6" Height



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    $139.95Sale Price
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