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MH-60 Stealth Blackhawk Wooden Model

MH-60 Stealth Blackhawk Wooden Model

OUT OF STOCK...Special Order Only, email us for ordering details.


Military Mahogany is proud to offer this MH-60 Stealth Blackhawk wooden model helicopter to our series of beautiful hand crafted models.

"For God and Country, Geronimo..Geronimo....Geronimo". With these words history was made as Operation Neptune Spear signaled the termination to America's #1 most wanted terrorist and this Top Secret helicopter made it all possible. While very little is truly known about the existence of this stealth helicopter enough evidence was left behind to show that they do in fact exist. This handcrafted mahogany wood model is an extremely beautiful replica of that helo, the Stealth Blackhawk.

13" Rotor span
14" Length
4.5" Width
7" Height 

    $219.95 Regular Price
    $169.95Sale Price
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