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MK32 Surface Vessel Torpedo Tubes

MK32 Surface Vessel Torpedo Tubes

Military Mahogany is proud to announce the release of the MK32 Surface Vessel Torpedo Tube carried by the US Navy on it destroyers and cruisers. These were custom order pieces made for a client and only a few extra were made with the order. This beautiful, extremely detailed model comes complete with its own display stand. The model is huge and weighs just over 23 lbs because the tubes are made from solid mahogany, because of this the model is very expensive to ship.


The MK-32 Surface Vessel Torpedo Tubes handle the MK-46 and MK-50 torpedo subsurface warfare weapons on a variety of surface combatants. The MK 32 is an ASW launching system which pneumatically launches torpedoes over-the-side of a ship. The SVTT is capable of stowing and launching up to three torpedoes - either Mk 46 or Mk 50 Torpedoes. The Mk 46 Torpedo is a high-speed, deep-running, acoustic-homing, anti-submarine weapon; while the Mk 50 Torpedo is a light-weight weapon replacing the Mk 46 with improved features, such as - increase speed, deeper running, and countermeasures, and decrease running-noise. The SVTT launches torpedoes under local control or remote control from an ASW fire control system. A 1600 PSI maximum air flask pressure is authorized for all MK 32 SVTT fleet firings of MK 46 and MK 50 torpedos and exercise shots, an increase over the nominal 1500 PSI rating, despite concerns that the increased flask pressure (1600 psi) might cause increased incidents of broaching due to reduced water entry angle.


This list below are the ships that this unit is carried on.

Fletcher-class destroyer
Allen M. Sumner-class destroyer
Gearing-class destroyer
Mitscher-class destroyer
Forrest Sherman-class destroyer
Farragut-class destroyer
Charles F. Adams-class destroyer
Spruance-class destroyer
Kidd-class destroyer
Arleigh Burke-class destroyer
Claud Jones-class destroyer escort
Knox-class frigate
Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate
Long Beach-class cruiser
Leahy-class cruiser
Bainbridge-class cruiser
Belknap-class cruiser
Truxtun-class cruiser
California-class cruiser
Virginia-class cruiser
Ticonderoga-class cruiser




24" Length

6.5" Width

9.5" Height with Stand

23lbs Weight




    $199.95 Regular Price
    $129.95Sale Price
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