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O-1 Birddog Wooden Model

O-1 Birddog Wooden Model

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Military Mahogany is proud to offer this O-1 Birddog wooden model to our series of beautiful hand crafted models. Our upgraded version now has even more detail than ever before including removable smoke rockets.

Cessna's Model 305 became better known as the L-19/O-1 Bird Dog - an apt name because of how well it enabled pilots and their rear-seat observers to search for and locate enemy ground positions. Once found, such targets were identified and their locations radioed to those who would respond with an air assault, artillery, or ground troops. When enemy ground troops spotted a Bird Dog flying low and overhead, it gave them good reason to believe that something bad might soon happen. Although the L–19's slow speed made it vulnerable to ground fire, enemy soldiers often would not shoot at one for fear of revealing their position.

19.5" Wingspan
14" Length
8" Height 

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