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PBR MkII Wooden Model

PBR MkII Wooden Model

Military Mahogany is proud to announce the release of this handcrafted mahogany wood model of the Vietnam Era PBR MkII. These shallow water boats were used extensively over the water ways of Vietnam to patrol, monitor, insert extract seal teams and various other missions. Model is loaded full of detail from front to rear including the 3 main weapons systems that rotate 270 degrees, radar dome and all the little distinctive features that any PBR service member would recognize and appreciate. 

The PBR (Patrol Boat River) formed the cornerstone of U.S. Navy strategy during the Vietnam War. At the height of the American involvement, over 290 of these remarkably versatile craft patrolled the intricate waterways of the Mekong Delta. They performed a variety of missions: the interdiction of weapons, supplies and troops coming from North Vietnam, searches and seizures of contraband and the extremely difficult and dangerous insertion and extraction of U.S. Navy Seal units. PBRs, affectionately referred to as "Proud, Brave, Reliable" by their crews, earned the respect of friend and foe alike. Men of these units sustained some of the war's highest casualty rates and were also some of the most decorated.

14" Length
4.5" Width
7" Height

    $199.95 Regular Price
    $169.95Sale Price
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