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SSN-585 Skipjack Class

SSN-585 Skipjack Class

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Military Mahogany is proud to offer this USS Skipjack wooden model submarine to our series of beautiful hand crafted models. This model is the real deal hand carved from solid mahogany and weighing 3lbs. 


This model has no hull numbers or markings and can work for any one of the following subs within this class.


USS Skipjack (SSN-585)

USS Scamp (SSN-588)

USS Scorpion (SSN-589)

USS Sculpin (SSN-590)

USS Shark (SSN-591)

USS Snook (SSN-592)

The SSN-585 Skipjack was launched on 26 May 1958 and  was soon dubbed the "world's fastest submarine", after setting the speed record on sea trails in March of that same year.

This model has no markings and could work for any one of the following Skipjack-Class submarines.

SSN-585 USS Skipjack
SSN-588 USS Scamp
SSN-589 USS Scorpion
SSN-590USS Sculpin
SSN-591 USS Shark
SSN-592 USS Snook

20" Length
3.5" Width
8" Height

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