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SSN-637 Sturgeon Class

SSN-637 Sturgeon Class

Military Mahogany is proud to announce the release of this handcrafted mahogany wood model of the 637 Sturgeon Class submarine complete with display stand. There were a number of Sturgeon Class submarines in service and his model can serve for any of them as it does not have any distinct markings designating it one from the other. This model is the real deal hand carved from solid mahogany and weighing 2 lbs. We have many other wooden model submarines in our inventory so please be sure to check these out as well.

STURGEON class submarines were built for anti-submarine warfare in the late 1960s and 1970s. Using the same propulsion system as their smaller predecessors of the SSN-585 Skipjack and SSN-594 Permit classes, the larger Sturgeons sacrificed speed for greater combat capabilities.

They are equipped to carry the HARPOON missile, the TOMAHAWK cruise missile,and the MK-48 and ADCAP torpedoes. Torpedo tubes are located amidships to accomodate the bow-mounted sonar. The sail-mounted dive planes rotate to a vertical position for breaking through the ice when surfacing in Arctic regions. Beginning with SSN-678 Archerfish units of this class had a 10-foot longer hull, giving them more living and working space than previous submarines of the Sturgeon Class.

Rapidly being phased out in favor of the LOS ANGELES and SEAWOLF Classes of attack submarines, this venerable and flexible workhorse of the submarine attack fleet continues to operate in the forward areas of the world to this day. Attracting little publicity during its heyday, this class of ship was the platform of choice for many of the Cold War missions for which submarines are now famous. After a 5-year study was completed on the SSN-637 class submarine, the design life was extended from 20 years to 30 years, with a possible extension to 33 years on a case-by-case basis. However, many boats of this class were retired prio to this limit in order to avoid expensive reactor refueling operations.

There were several submarines of the Sturgeon Class, this model has no distinctive markings so it could work for any one of the following.

SSN-637 USS Sturgeon
SSN-638 USS Whale
SSN-639 USS Tautog
SSN-646 USS Grayling
SSN-647 USS Pogy
SSN-648 USS Aspro
SSN-649 USS Sunfish
SSN-650 USS Pargo
SSN-651 USS Queenfish
SSN-652 USS Puffer
SSN-653 USS Ray
SSN-660 USS Sand Lance
SSN-661 USS Lapon
SSN-662 USS Gurnard
SSN-663 USS Hammerhead
SSN-664 USS Sea Devil
SSN-665 USS Guitarro
SSN-666 USS Hawkbill
SSN-667 USS Bergall
SSN-668 USS Spadefish
SSN-669 USS Seahorse
SSN-670 USS Finback
SSN-672 USS Pintado
SSN-673 USS Flying Fish
SSN-674 USS Trepang
SSN-675 USS Bluefish
SSN-676 USS Billfish
SSN-677 USS Drum
SSN-678 Archerfish
SSN-679 Silversides
SSN-680 William H Bates (ex Redfish)
SSN-681 Batfish
SSN-682 Tunny
SSN-683 Parche
SSN-684 Cavalla
SSN 686 L Mendel Rivers
SSN-687 Richard B Russell

20" Length
3.5" Width
6" Height

    $199.95 Regular Price
    $149.95Sale Price
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